Eulogy Erik Bailey Review…

Eulogy Erik Bailey 57mm/90a

I must admit, the last time I read a wheel review, Unity magazine was still in print and baggy jeans were all the rage. The world has changed since then, but new product is still being pumped out and who knows, an opinion on a wheel from an old blader like myself may still be relevant.

After my previous set of wheels crumbled beneath my feet in a shameful display of cowardice in the face of pure Australian concrete, it was clearly time for a rethink. A 55m/88a wheel clearly wasn’t going to cut it.

Eulogy wheels (originally Blood, for you 90s kids) have experienced something of a rebirth in recent years, and the addition of both Chris Haffey and Erik Bailey to the pro team this year has only helped to increase their profile. As much as I would like to say that this is what influenced my purchase, it was actually the Bailey’s specs that really got my blood pumping. The skateparks ofAustraliaare a mixed bag, but most are full of fast-flowing concrete tranny that just screams out for a large, hard wheel with a slim, fast profile.

Now, graphics. As most people know, wheel graphics matter about as much as Phil Collins’ career in the 90s, but for those of you who might buy the Baileys because the colour scheme matches your laces, don’t fear. After almost a month of solid rolling the graphics are holding up well, and the wheels still look swank. I dig the purple reptile eye, not so much a fan of the cartoonish font on the inside but like I say, graphics don’t really factor into my wheel choices.

On the roll, the Bailey’s are hot fire (and that isn’t a term I use lightly). Once I’d got used to the harder urethane, the increased size and huge increase in speed, I was off. Whereas previously dropping into a half pipe had meant pumping for speed just to get up the other side, I was now having to slow myself down to avoid popping impromptu flail airs. Flowing round a bowl was now not so much a chore, as an experience to savour. Almost immediately my riding style changed, and I was seeking out smooth lines like never before.

I’ve put the Eulogy Erik Bailey wheel through its paces, blading pretty much every day for a month now, and they have totally impressed me. No crumbles, no cracks, still super smooth and as fast as they were out of the box. I’ll need to rotate them in a week or so, but they are wearing as slowly as any of the other top wheels on the market.

Whether you want to buy these wheels or not depends on what kind of terrain you ride, and what your personal preferences are. But for my money they’re, well… well worth the money.


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