Trailer Time – Valo4Life

Choo-choo! It seems as though the Valo4Life hype train has been rumbling ever closer for years (it has), and is only now reaching full steam ahead (it probably isn’t).

Dropping the teaser for the trailer earlier in the week got some people’s knickers (including mine) in a twist. Let’s remember that this is only the fourth Valo team video, not the final episode of Lost.

So the trailer itself… If I have any beef then it begins with the music choice. Anyone who has seen a ski/snowboard shred flick this year already knows that Coastin’ by Zion I is already completely played, and the fact that the Jeff Dalnas leftovers edit from earlier in the week also used the track just serves to highlight how ubiquitous it is. If Valo use any MGMT in 4Life i’m going to smash my DVD player.

Also, what’s that? You’ve been filming for TWO YEARS?! Assuming the final cut will run about 45 minutes, every trick had better be a banger or i’ll be pissed. Having said that, the first half of the trailer consists of lifestyle footage and the snippets that we see of the skating do look sick, but I was expecting something a little bit more jaw-dropping. We know Broskow can fastslide, Cossimo can do true top souls, and Julio can do a topsoul to soul switchup, but i’m hoping they’re holding onto the really good stuff for the feature.

Criticising Jon Julio feels kind of wrong, but sorry Jon, I could have done without the pretentious voiceover throughout. We all know you think that Valo is the future, that message is coming through loud and clear. Valo seems to be the great-white-hope in rollerblading, but the thing about hype is that it’s damn hard to live up to, especially if it’s self-imposed. Let’s wait and see. All I know is that i’ll be buying 4Life when it comes out, along with everybody else.



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