Un traileur, pour Traitement…

You know what, I was just ruminating earlier in the week on the work of Jonas Hansson and the progress of his latest project, Traitement. It’s been 7 months since the announcement for the flick was made, and unlike the Valo boys who can’t seem to keep their mouths shut for two minutes about their latest doings, all has been relatively quiet on the Traitement front over the summer.

But what’s this? A trailer, a teaser, a perfume ad? It’s all washed out colours, jazzy interludes and camera angles so off-camber they’re positively Australian. And that’s what we need in this scene. I’m all for rough and ready clips, but a little bit of art could be just the thing to ease us into the winter months. I can’t blooming wait ’til this comes out.


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