Random Event Coverage: Chaz Sands Invitational…

So the Chaz Sands Invitational happened last Saturday, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a good chance to meet people and to witness some boundary-pushing rollerblading, which went off like a three week old Brie in the desert.

The edits have been coming out thick and fast since Sunday, so let’s collect a couple of the best here and enumerate some of the things that came to FruitBooter’s attention over the course of the comp.

Elliot 'Topman' Stevens - Topsoul 360 soul

1. Erik Bailey’s stomach does not agree with takeaway pizza.

2. Elliot ‘Topman’ Stevens can take a licking and keep on kicking.

3. Ivan Narez will not accept 2.50 for a Shred ‘Til You’re Dead DVD

4. Chaz Sands and CJ Wellsmore have the same stylist.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Joe Atkinson about to drop a hammer

5. Stephane Alfano can spin a 1260 but looks like he just learned to skate.

6. The Japanese still have the best style in the game.

7. CJ Wellsmore is too good at skating, someone should hurt him before he takes over.

8. Joe Atkinson has no fear, and smokes too much. (See above)

Joe Atkinson (left), winner of the AM comp

This years comp definitely benefited from the move away from Dumbarton. Unit 23 is a sick park but location-wise it leaves a little to be desired. Liverpool a good hub for skaters to come together from all over the UK, and long may it continue. See you next year.

And as for the edits, Valo/Themgoods were first off the mark:

And the official Rampworx montage contains plenty ‘o bangers:


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