Haffey doubles up…

Bobby Brown. Shot: Camilla Stoddart

Anyone who has been paying attention to the freestyle skiing world in the past couple of years will know that unless you can throw multiple variations of double cork spins you’re not going to be contending for the top podium spots in competition.

Up to this point i’m pretty sure that no rollerblader has thrown a double (backflips and vert skating notwithstanding). Stephane Alfano can spin 1260s with ease, but going upside down twice is something else entirely. One issue is that the ramps most skateparks have simply aren’t big enough and don’t provide enough airtime to complete the rotations.

So I was pretty excited when I saw Chris Haffey throwing a double flat 9 in this Nitro Circus live show teaser. Skip to around the 1.28 mark and witness the world’s best rollerblader pushing our sport in new directions.

For further evidence that Chris is taking inspiration from the skiing world, check this video of him shredding Mtn. High a couple of months ago.


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