Don’t call it a Big Cat… it’s been here for years

Broskow Cat

Could Broskow soon be signing back with Roces?

Ever since Brian Jaggers ripped the Eisenberg’s mini with a pair of Roces Big Cats in 1996
, it’s seemed like full-on ATB revolution has been just around the corner. After all, today’s modern rollerblader faces only two challenges in daily blade life:

1. A lack of imagination

2. Shoddy terrain

Every new edit I see these days seems to be putting paid to the first problem, as guys like Sean & Colin Kelso, Todd McInerney and Mathieu Ledoux spend more time bonking off things than they do on actual, y’know, rails.

I emailed Alex Broskow* to ask whether the rumours that he will be attending next month’s Chaz Sands invitational on a pair of Big Cats are true, and he had this to say:

I’ve always felt that my skating has been held back by pesky things like nature, and cobblestones have always been my enemy, but with these skates… I AM NATURE.”

Shops in Scotland and Eastern Europe are expected to stock an unprecedented amount of the blades when they’re released in June. **

*Completely untrue.
**Confirmed fact.


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