The 5 worst trends in blading…

  1. Joggers/Sweatpants

I was skating in joggers at Rehab in 1997, but no-one was ready for the combination of fashion and function they provided and at the time I was considered terribly uncool. The rest of the world eventually caught up and the craze for letting your balls hang loose really took off for a few years. Farmer eventually wised up and ditched the sweatpants for something altogether tighter, but the Danzig fashion revolution never really caught on. Probably a good thing eh.

2.  Dustin Latimer

Ooh, controversial. But for every incredible trick and new way of looking at an obstacle that DL has inspired, there is another shameless rip-off that attempts to do what he did and fails. A bit like Oasis trying to be The Beatles. So thanks a bunch Dustin, but did you have to be so damn original?

3. Waistcoats

Thank you to Mr Oli Short and assorted Roces wearing pals for this one. Skating in a waistcoat is bad enough, but waistcoast and t-shirt? Calm down a bit fellas. And take that pork pie hat off your head.

4. Negatives

I’ve seen (and done) enough disgustingly bad negative mizous in my time to know that if your name isn’t Chris Farmer (such a trend setter that guy), you probably shouldn’t be doing them. And if your name is Josh Letona, you definitely shouldn’t be doing them.

5. Rough grinds

Self-explanatory. See also: Sidewalk, boardwalk, tabernacle, wheelbarrow, training wheel, etc.

Note: All of the above tricks are considered perfectly acceptable if performed ironically, or appear in a Kelso brothers video.

Did I miss anything out? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments section) and we may have a recount.



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6 responses to “The 5 worst trends in blading…

  1. Planet of the Grapes

    Theres nothing wrong with those 5 things unless you are doing all 5 at the same time!!!!

  2. I only ever perform rough grinds ironically – but I also love the feeling I get when I’m doing them – definitely a guilty pleasure.

  3. Ash

    Planet of the grapes is so wrong, joggers + waistcoat is sick…

  4. haha everything you mention is funny because your opinion is just as bad as the list. Maybe everyone can do what they want and have a choice of doing it how they please. When running a site and promoting skating its important to not include what YOU { I } Feel is important you keep your views open minded because if not your just targeting a certain group of skaters and based on your 5 list you really dont like any kind of skating except what you like so how does that play off? and help promote skating on your site?

  5. Tom

    Sure everyone can do what they want, and they can feel free to rip on me for how I look. My opinion is just that… an opinion. Take it, leave it, but don’t sweat it!

  6. Matei

    What’s wrong with negatives/Josh Letona? Doing something unique, different from what everybody is doing kind of sucks in your opinion, right ?

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