Roots Of Rolling: Chris Haffey

I was looking through back issues of Unity magazine and Daily Bread last night when I found this gem. See kids,  ‘World’s best rollerblader’ Chris Haffey  (or should that be Haffee?) was once human. But not for long.

Age: 15

Home: Coronado, California

Sponsors: None

Each time I skate with Chris he shows me something new, finds something new to skate, or a new way to skate it. He skates to have fun, and he definitely does that. Be it skating a curb, a hand rail, gap, mini, or even just along the street, wall riding buildings off of every little jump, and launching out of curb cuts. Chris is the poster child of what the perfect skater is. He goes big, he gets tech, and he loves skating so much that if he were trapped on a desert island, one of the first things he’s wish for would be his skates. At only 15 years old, Chris is going to be an 8 wheeled force to reckoned with for a very long time. Be prepared to hear his name a lot in the future – ZH



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3 responses to “Roots Of Rolling: Chris Haffey

  1. Planet of the Grapes

    Nice choice of image!

  2. Tom

    It’s all about thrones with fifty/50 juice blocks.

  3. I love reading about people before they get well known – especially when someone is saying they’re going to be big!

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