What’s The Deal With… The Truth 2

Release date: December 2009

Directed by: Austin Paz & Kelso brothers

Featuring: The Kelso Brothers, Billy O’Neill, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo, Jon Jon Bolino, Murda Johnson, Montre Livingston and Alex Broskow.

Runtime: 50 mins

Two years has passed since The Truth came out, and this new release sees the brothers Kelso and Mr Paz stepping up their game considerably. The use of 35mm film adapters and the latest digital technology ensures that this flick looks super fresh. Opening shots of the Brooklyn bridge, tall buildings and street signs leave no doubt as to where we are. This is NYC and America’s East, and the action is taking place in the streets.

Jon Bolino gets the honour of the opening section, which begins with the age old trope of random people introducing him. So far so standard. What follows is anything but. He reels off a number of jaw-dropping tricks with his trademark laser-guided style, spinning left and right, and throwing some of the nicest 720s I’ve seen.

Next up is Franco Cammayo. The pants are tighter this time round and Franco’s inspiration is coming straight from ’98. Putrid souls, sidewalks, training wheels, this dude is getting seriously old school. He keeps it modern with fast, technical skating and a bit of tap-dancing here and there, and the section ends with a filthy rough makio on a rail.

Austin Paz takes time out from filming to murder ledges with super smooth pornstars and burly gaps. Then it’s time for some lifestyle footage of the crew hanging out at Niagara Falls before Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson gets the chance to show his skills. The raw synths of Justice’s Phantom Pt. II bring the hype before Murda gets into his standard ledges and lines style of skating. It’s everything you expect from a Murda section really, but doesn’t exactly push the boundaries.

Sean Kelso has been on my radar since his 900 down the stairs in Denial’s Underestimated. Well he stays true to form here and pops out a cheeky liu kang 7 to kick things off. Watching Sean skate always leaves you thinking WTF?, and I lost count of how many times I rewound the DVD on his section. Alley-oop negative topside mistrial revert 3 out? Check. Alley-oop makio 450 back backslide? Check. He is the master of the one-footed variation, and coupled with his creativity it makes for compelling viewing.

Montre keeps it safe musically and opts for a Lil Wayne track for his section (yawn). I’ve lost count of how many edits I’ve watched online this year with a Weezy soundtrack, and I never liked him in the first place. Music aside though, Montre kills the streets doing what he does best: big gaps, spins in and out of tricks and some of the best rail steeze in the game.

Billy O’Neill comes back from injury skating harder than ever, and after Fish it’s Alex Broskow, who drops more hammers than a clumsy carpenter in his section, but also takes the time to show how fluid his skating has become with a succession of skilful lines and creative grinds.

It’s down to Colin Kelso to wind things up. Colin has numerous looks, including but not limited to ‘the unwashed emo’, ‘the denim hipster’, and my favourite, ‘the Mexican gangbanger’. He also has an incredibly annoying rideaway/afterbang technique, which tends to make me miss whatever trick he just did because all I can focus on is what he’s doing with his arms. That being said, whenever you do catch a trick you can’t help but marvel at his ability and creativity.

Having not bought a rollerblading DVD for a year or so, I have to admit that I was blown away by the level of creativity and skill on display in The Truth 2. Even more so when you compare what being ‘pro’ means to modern bladers, compared with their counterparts in skiing/skateboarding etc. The Truth 2 has style, tech tricks and hammers aplenty. You can tell it’s been put together with love, and that really comes through with the filming, editing, and overall vibe of the piece. It’s a rollerblading film that everyone should own and be proud of. And that’s the truth.


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