The Sketchy Sessions Pt.1 Edit

I had knee surgery in December to fix a ruptured ACL. I wasn’t allowed to rollerblade or do anything other than cycle for 3 months after the op to allow all the tissue and cartilage time to fuse and heal.

That meant that before this month I hadn’t skated since Spring ’09. It was a long time to be out of the game but now i’m back and slowly remembering how it all works again.

Anyway it’s good to be shredding again, and hopefully there will be more of these mini-edits to come over the summer.

Most of the skating comes from my good friend Michael Halligan. I was manning the camera and getting the job done off-screen.



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3 responses to “The Sketchy Sessions Pt.1 Edit

  1. Planet of the Grapes

    ……..and more eventful news coverage from the lovely Keighley skatepark:

    Apparently this kid wanted a go on some kids skates or skateboard but the victim didn’t want to let him do so. Hate annoying chav kids in skateparks.

    Nice tranny switchups Halligan me gusta mucho :)

  2. Tom

    Thanks man, that really makes me want to skate there again!

  3. Planet of the Grapes

    yeah I second that! The early bird stays alive in the ghetto bowls.

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