Eulogy Erik Bailey Review…

Eulogy Erik Bailey 57mm/90a

I must admit, the last time I read a wheel review, Unity magazine was still in print and baggy jeans were all the rage. The world has changed since then, but new product is still being pumped out and who knows, an opinion on a wheel from an old blader like myself may still be relevant.

After my previous set of wheels crumbled beneath my feet in a shameful display of cowardice in the face of pure Australian concrete, it was clearly time for a rethink. A 55m/88a wheel clearly wasn’t going to cut it.

Eulogy wheels (originally Blood, for you 90s kids) have experienced something of a rebirth in recent years, and the addition of both Chris Haffey and Erik Bailey to the pro team this year has only helped to increase their profile. As much as I would like to say that this is what influenced my purchase, it was actually the Bailey’s specs that really got my blood pumping. The skateparks ofAustraliaare a mixed bag, but most are full of fast-flowing concrete tranny that just screams out for a large, hard wheel with a slim, fast profile.

Now, graphics. As most people know, wheel graphics matter about as much as Phil Collins’ career in the 90s, but for those of you who might buy the Baileys because the colour scheme matches your laces, don’t fear. After almost a month of solid rolling the graphics are holding up well, and the wheels still look swank. I dig the purple reptile eye, not so much a fan of the cartoonish font on the inside but like I say, graphics don’t really factor into my wheel choices.

On the roll, the Bailey’s are hot fire (and that isn’t a term I use lightly). Once I’d got used to the harder urethane, the increased size and huge increase in speed, I was off. Whereas previously dropping into a half pipe had meant pumping for speed just to get up the other side, I was now having to slow myself down to avoid popping impromptu flail airs. Flowing round a bowl was now not so much a chore, as an experience to savour. Almost immediately my riding style changed, and I was seeking out smooth lines like never before.

I’ve put the Eulogy Erik Bailey wheel through its paces, blading pretty much every day for a month now, and they have totally impressed me. No crumbles, no cracks, still super smooth and as fast as they were out of the box. I’ll need to rotate them in a week or so, but they are wearing as slowly as any of the other top wheels on the market.

Whether you want to buy these wheels or not depends on what kind of terrain you ride, and what your personal preferences are. But for my money they’re, well… well worth the money.


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Edit – Elliot Stevens

What better way to kickstart FruitBooter’s rebirth than with an edit from everyone’s favourite Northern hipster Elliot Stevens. Elliot snagged a couple of clips in Valo4Life and he shows us again in this piece that he’s got the style and creativity to make his mark in the blade world. Shout to Brett Davies for killing it with the edit.

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It’s been a long time…

…I shouldn’t have left you, but when you’re neck deep in Japanese powder for the winter it’s kind of hard to keep focused on happenings in the blade world. Things are winding up here in Niseko and it’s almost time for me to come home so expect a sizeable increase in postings over the next month or two.

Did i miss anything? I mean apart from the release of Valo4Life, Vine St., the Nimh DVD, and Game Theory of course.

I haven’t managed to get hold of Traitement yet so Jonas, if you see this, don’t hesitate to send me a review copy. Thanks.

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Trailer Time – Valo4Life

Choo-choo! It seems as though the Valo4Life hype train has been rumbling ever closer for years (it has), and is only now reaching full steam ahead (it probably isn’t).

Dropping the teaser for the trailer earlier in the week got some people’s knickers (including mine) in a twist. Let’s remember that this is only the fourth Valo team video, not the final episode of Lost.

So the trailer itself… If I have any beef then it begins with the music choice. Anyone who has seen a ski/snowboard shred flick this year already knows that Coastin’ by Zion I is already completely played, and the fact that the Jeff Dalnas leftovers edit from earlier in the week also used the track just serves to highlight how ubiquitous it is. If Valo use any MGMT in 4Life i’m going to smash my DVD player.

Also, what’s that? You’ve been filming for TWO YEARS?! Assuming the final cut will run about 45 minutes, every trick had better be a banger or i’ll be pissed. Having said that, the first half of the trailer consists of lifestyle footage and the snippets that we see of the skating do look sick, but I was expecting something a little bit more jaw-dropping. We know Broskow can fastslide, Cossimo can do true top souls, and Julio can do a topsoul to soul switchup, but i’m hoping they’re holding onto the really good stuff for the feature.

Criticising Jon Julio feels kind of wrong, but sorry Jon, I could have done without the pretentious voiceover throughout. We all know you think that Valo is the future, that message is coming through loud and clear. Valo seems to be the great-white-hope in rollerblading, but the thing about hype is that it’s damn hard to live up to, especially if it’s self-imposed. Let’s wait and see. All I know is that i’ll be buying 4Life when it comes out, along with everybody else.


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Un traileur, pour Traitement…

You know what, I was just ruminating earlier in the week on the work of Jonas Hansson and the progress of his latest project, Traitement. It’s been 7 months since the announcement for the flick was made, and unlike the Valo boys who can’t seem to keep their mouths shut for two minutes about their latest doings, all has been relatively quiet on the Traitement front over the summer.

But what’s this? A trailer, a teaser, a perfume ad? It’s all washed out colours, jazzy interludes and camera angles so off-camber they’re positively Australian. And that’s what we need in this scene. I’m all for rough and ready clips, but a little bit of art could be just the thing to ease us into the winter months. I can’t blooming wait ’til this comes out.

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Dope sauce from another source…

You know what, I think I just found my new sport. I mean, once they start adding a freestyle perspective to this thing it could really take over. I’m not quite hanging up my skates just yet, but it looks a hell of a lot easier on the knees…

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The future is now…

Take note kids, because this is the future of blading edits. Seems like Vinny, along with guys like Jonas Hansson, has just blown apart what was previously considered a well put together montage and brung new levels of artistry to the table. I was impressed by the pre-Bittercold edit a couple of months ago but by bringing it to the street, rollerblading just merked all other action sports for style points.

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